Muslims Patience Has Running Out


What happened to the Rohingyan muslims were so intense and devastatingly cruel. The world has witnessed the mass slaughter which resulted in influx of refugees and victims both in the land and sea.

The international community should not remain silent, as they should take action upon the cruel regime, whom concealed their outraged act and shunned the world’s critics over them.

International community knew how the aspects of religion play a crucial part in this brutality that involving the support of the monks which also said to violate its own religious teachings against terrorism.

The international community needs to realize that Islam cultivates humanity and brotherhood especially amongst the believers like they are in a single body. They must also bear in mind that the brutal and hateful country is close to the large Muslim population reaching half a billion in number.

Early action should be taken aggressively by the UN, and not just to come out with resolutions and visits which are not even honoured by them. They must know that the Muslim community will not take this matter lightly and our patience has its limits. Even though the country may not take any action, individual acts could not be fully controlled and if this happen, do not put the blame on Islam.

“Harmonious with Islam”


Date: 17th Zulhijjah 1438H / 8th September 2017

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