Indonesia Prepares for Economic Shariah Implementation

Indonesia Prepares for Economic Shariah Implementation

By: Azril Syazwan

BOGOR – Indonesia will be hosting Days of Islamic Economics Revival (DINAR) 2017 conference with event theme “Economic Shariah for All”.

The event which takes place from 11 to 14 May was aimed at instilling confidence on Muslims in the country to uphold virtuous civilization and improve economic power based on Shariah principles.

According to DINAR director, Ade Juraynaldi, the conference will benefit millions of Indonesian Muslims, which forms majority of the country’s population, by stimulating economic empowerment through Shariah.

He mentioned that, Indonesia has long wished for an economic system based on the values and principles of Islamic Shariah as part of their daily lives.

He added that the Muslim ummah there have started to realize that their faith also demand comprehensive way of societal needs such as financial system, on top of routine spiritual prayers.

“This desire (for economic Shariah) was derived from avid realisation in applying the Islamic faith comprehensively.

“Before this, our (understanding of) Islam was understood only in forms of rituals, prayers, in moments of child birth, marital affairs, burying of the deceased.

“But it was not applied in our banking system, insurance, market and project financing, and the import export business. It was the Muslims that buried dead these principles.

“We need to understand and redefine our understanding that economic shariah covers all aspects of commercial stages; in product making, distribution, marketing. Finance based on Al Quran and sunnah is what economic shariah all about.

“So economic shariah is not only about shariah banking and loan repayment, but the whole sector must be pillared on values and principles derived from Al Quran and sunnah.

“That is what ultimately forms economic shariah,” he mentioned when contacted by IUMS.

At the end of the interview, he expressed his hope that the event will be continued in the coming years as the benefits of it on the Muslim population, and Indonesian citizens in general are evident.

Among the main attractions of the conference are national diaglogue titled “Developing Nation’s Sovereignty and Economic Shariah“, Business Motivation Seminar and International Al Quran Seminar featuring high class panel members representing Indonesian public figures.

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