Philippines: Notable Islamic Preacher Passes Away While Leading Prayers

By: Azril Syazwan

A prominent Islamic preacher who hailed from Philippines, Nuh Cabarino, drew his last breath early morning yesterday, 27 November in Manila, from a fatal injury to his neck triggered by a gunshot.

Nuh was appointed as an Islamic preacher by Bathah Dakwah Office.

After embracing Islam and making profound studies about the religion, he was widely recognized as one of the finest preachers in the country.

A source from popular social media platform, Facebook confirmed his death immediately after the shooting by an unidentified man.

The tragic incident took place while he was leading a congregational prayer at his mosque in Manila.

His apprentices mourned on his sudden passing and considered Nuh Cabarino as a rare and irreplaceable preacher.

“He was one of the best Filipino Islamic preachers and he was determined in his efforts of propagating Islam to Christians throughout Philippines.

“Never has he showed exhaustion or weariness while spreading da’wah in his country”

“May Allah blesses him with the highest blessings and forgives his wrongdoings and that of the whole Muslim ummah,” said one of his apprentices.

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