Components of RUU355 to Be Tabulated in the Next Parliamentary Assembly

By: Azril

KUALA LUMPUR – Vice President of The International Union of Muslim Scholars, Dato’ Seri Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang, read the private member’s bill on Syariah Court in the parliament today, famously referred as Rang Undang-Undang 355 (RUU355).

In his reading speech, he proposed the amendment on Syariah Court Act 1965 with proviso to Section 2 which allows imprisonment up to 30 years or fines roofing at RM100,000 or 100 strokes of caning in accordance with criminal Syariah ruling.

Upon completing his speech, he assured other parliament members to provide further exposition in the next Parliament session as allowed in Parliamentary Terms number 15(5); recognizing myriad confusions exhibited by many parties.

Tuan Guru also mentioned that although the proposed amendment requires comprehensive knowledge on the motion and that written copies were circulated, confusions are still widely exhibited and unnecessary polemic spread outside the Parliament involving many parties.

He also expressed his regret with the attitude shown by some non-Muslim critics of the private bill that he pursues, countering his motion with mere polemic.

Tuan Guru reminded non-Muslim politicians that they should practise their respect and not to interfere with Islamic affairs as this bill does not involve them.

He was quoted in a press conference right after the Parliament heard the RUU355 reading.

He also informed the press about an upcoming mass gathering focusing to further clarify the bill happening in the near future. This gathering is expected to collect voices from the representative of the Islamic ummah comprising of political parties, NGOs and non-Muslim individuals as a sign of endorsement towards the private bill.

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